Calculation of the project of the cataphoresis line by SMK

SMK company founded by experts from the automotive industry with an experience of over 15 years.

Our team is looking for an investor to launch a network of production facilities for applying an anticorrosive cataphoresis coating, which has no analogues in terms of price and corrosion resistance.

Technical support from design to launch of the line for applying black cataphoresis primer in the scope of our team. Continuous optimization of the technological and technical part during the production cycle for each mini-plant.

Cataphoresis coating(ED – coating)

  1. Cataphoretic coating is a promising direction, because provides high-quality protection against corrosion, while the production is practically safe for health and the environment, in contrast to electroplating.
  2. Cataphoresis coating is universal and is used in various fields of industry:
    • Automotive
    • Metallurgy
    • Tools
    • Furniture
    • Railway
    • Shipbuilding
    • Industry requiring metal treatment for corrosion protection.

Corrosion resistance of the coating for at least 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber with a thickness of up to 30 microns.

The following are general imputations through Payback Application cataphoretic primer:

  1. The process of degreasing parts by deep method. (It is this method that is proposed, since it is impossible to pass quality control under the condition of cooperation with car manufacturers). Spray method cost is cheaper.
  2. The line is semi-automatic, with operators to support the technological process (support of the set parameters, loading material), loading and unloading parts.
  3. Dimensions of parts 2000x2000x2000 mm.
  4. Type of conveyor – overhead conveyor (PTC) with a separate lowering section above each tank (with minimum dimensions of the workshop) or vertical turns of the track with a more stretched line.
  5. Oven, heating method is gas burner.
  6. Steam heating of water.
  7. Installation for the production of dem.water and VOC from household drinking water.
  8. Installation of used water purification by the evaporator with subsequent consumption in the line (if necessary).
  9. The capacity of the line is 500,000 m2 per year.
  10. 2 shift operating mode.
  11. Degreasing and phosphating materials from a Russia supplier.
  12. Supplier material for ED- coating company PPG or BASF.
  13. Line area = from 200 m2 (Building construction is not taken into account in the project calculations).
  14. The equipment is located on the podiums for laying the pipeline (allows the use of a flat foundation of already finished workshops buildings).
  15. Building height = 6 meters.

An approximate calculation for the payback of one line at the rate of 80 rubles per 1 euro.:

  • The cost of this line = from 150,000,000 rubles.
  • Production cost of the coating per 1 m2 = 110 rubles.
  • Large-scale wholesale price * of coverage per 1 m2 (sale) = 150 rubles (sale of coverage for car manufacturers on an ongoing basis (deliveries to the conveyor).
  • Small-scale wholesale and retail for 1 m2 = from 250 – 500 rubles.

Total per year = 500,000 m2 х150 rubles = 75,000,000 rubles per year

Average payback of the project 3 years (at full load).

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