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In the process of describing the paint shop production, we will try to describe in detail the technological process and its permissible limits in accordance with the quality standards.

Painting a car in contrast to other stages of production, one of the most costly and complex processes, consists of the following stages:

1. Cataphoresis coating – includes:

  1. Installation of technological equipment for the passage of the body throughout the APP process and KTL (Slave Tools)
  2. Body Wash
  3. Preparation of the body for the technological process PT-Line
  4. PT – unit surface preparation (PT/VBH)
  5. ED – cataphoresis primer (primary primer / KTL)
  6. Oven ED

2. Mastic – includes:

  1. Removal of jigs ED and installation of jigs for painting the body
  2. Underbody – mastic on the bottom of the car
  3. Sealer
  4. Installation of noise-vibro gaskets
  5. Oven for Mastic
  6. Finishing of the ED coating

3. Primer – includes:

  1. Primer
  2. Oven Primer
  3. Finishing of the Primer coating

4. BC/CC – includes:

  1. BC/CC
  2. Oven BC/CC
  3. Polishing
  4. Inspection, coating quality control
  5. Spot Repair or Heavy Repair
5. Anticorrosive protection – includes:
  1. Application in the hidden cavities of the body of anti corrosive components
6. Mix Room – includes:
  1. Mix Room

For Russia and the CIS countries, a single interstate standard has been adopted that defines the standards and principles of the paint coating GOST 9.402-2004 for ferrous metals. In effect from January 1, 2006 as the national standard of the Russian Federation.

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