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Business unit in the automotive industry – components.

Components kit production is an individual unit of the auto business, because the present automobile manufacturing market dictates its terms and requirements to auto groups, in the context of which the automobile manufacturer doesn’t produce the most of the component details, focusing on autos assembling and configuration. Thus the components details are passed for companies outsourcing, which then developed together with the automobile manufacturer. This tendency, to be exact an interrelation between auto group and suppliers, increasingly gathers pace and plays considerable role in component details cheapening and quality increasing.

The components details can be divided to:

  • Industrial (original), which are supplied by companies to the factory;
  • Non-industrial (unoriginal), which are not supplied straight to the factory, but to the after-market, and commonly have certificates of the factory and long-term experience in components production. Such component details can be as of higher so and lower quality since not always all the defects of construct are considered during operation;
  • Modified details – details which are supplied to the market in the type of tuning.

Description of production stages:

  1. ABS components from modeling to end product.
  2. Painting of plastic components, industrial application.
  3. Powder coating of metal surfaces.
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