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The Automotive Industry team launched a project to independently test paint and varnish products, anti-corrosion compounds and anything that could corrode in a car in accordance with GOST 9.401-2018 using a salt fog chamber.

We conduct tests on metal plates used in the Russian automotive industry, as well as in some foreign brands.

For tests under production conditions, two types of plates (galvanized by hot dip galvanizing and without zinc) were coated with a full set of paintwork using static coating. The paintwork complex includes a cataphoresis, BC and CC.

We also compare the anti-corrosion properties of industrial compounds with repair ones, for the beginning we use “Cannon fat”.
Ask questions, subscribe to our YouTube channel, in turn, we will prepare the answers and conduct testing in accordance with international standards.

Take tests of your parts with paintwork, anti-corrosion compounds We, in turn, will publish the results.

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Independent tests Automotive Industry

06/23/2009 Samples with a complex of paint and varnish coating were launched.