Independent test 500/572 hours


Tested the following samples on body metal:

1. Bright, clear colors from the Czech Republic

2. Black from England

3. Cannon fat.

4. Complex of Topcoat with the hardware.

Composition made in Czech Republic removed after 250 hours. Plates with the composition were removed due to the rapid spread of corrosion, but there is a small area where corrosion is completely absent, the thickness of the coating is about 5 mm. This composition is used only for point areas where it is necessary to maintain and align the overall protection and containment of corrosion during the warranty period. The composition is used in places such as battery terminals, door limiters, for sets of door hinges. The composition has the properties to penetrate deeply and perform a protective function, because it has high penetrating and spreading characteristics inside the metal compounds, where there is no constant contact of moisture.

Composition made in England (500 hours in climatic) black has a high corrosion protection, as functionally laid high adhesive properties relative to the metal, including a tightly formed protective film after the solidification period of the composition. After coating it should be dry, the coating thickness is not less than 1 mm. Feature of this structure is that during the period of solidification of the solvents and additives carries a high penetration in the metal function, and thereby does not give the corrosion to spread during operation. The coating is resistant to medium abrasion and abrasion. It is used on the bottom of the car, chassis, frames, on individual elements of the chassis. European manufacturers allow the processing of some elements of the truck chassis.

Fat GUN (400 hours in climatic) is the most common and available anti-corrosion composition in Russia. When carrying out experimental laboratory work with this composition, our AI team concluded that the composition has only a tightly formed film, which instantly solidifies after cooling. Corrosion protection of this composition is provided only with a film thickness of not less than 5 mm, which is very difficult to implement in hard-to-reach places of the car, and it is difficult to achieve this thickness. We recommend to apply this composition only on a commercial vehicle or on a car up to 1 year, because in this period of operation there is no hidden corrosion.

In addition, it was found that if the thickness of the coating is less than 5 mm, then corrosion will quickly spread under the coating of FatGun and it is not restrained by the composition due to poor adhesion to the base (metal in our case).

This further confirms that used cars with pockets of corrosion, this composition will not protect. On the plate with integrated TOPcoated  + installed hardware and FanGun subjected to corrosion hardware directly, which have low corrosion resistance of the coating. Corrosion of the hardware began to spread under composition FatGun, this test confirms the corrosion of zero efficiency when it is applied to protect fasteners or exposed metal.