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5. Quality rating before painting.

Quality inspector examines body surface whether all VIN numbers (usually 2) are printed, checks defects on finished metal and selectively spacings between elements with the help of ruler. In case if no defects are identified, the quality inspector stamps in history card of body which is passed for further modification. This check-out is made on 100% bodies.

6. Quality rating of weldments by special devices.

The cheapest way of welded connection assessment is ultrasonic testing. Technology of ultrasonic testing is based on high-frequency vibrations (about 20000 Hz) ability to penetrate into metal and reflect from surface of scratches, blowing spaces and other ups and downs. Artificial and directed wave penetrates into inspected connection and in case of any defects it deviates from usual distribution. Ultrasonic testing operator observes this deviation on devices screen and can define the defect according to the data.

Many European company groups more frequently use interruption test of welding connection.

Two body plates (made of body steel) in size of 100*200mm (depending on laboratory facility) are contact welded to each other or other way if all the parameters are held. Then in laboratory there is made an interruption and after that it is estimated under what parameters the connection is interrupted and if required the regimes should be corrected.

7. Testing of details assemblability.

Body measuring in 3D coordinate system is a diagnostics at which defined space attitude of control points in reference to base planes by special measuring equipment (robots). This process is accomplished in following way: once a shift one body type is chosen and tested in coordinate system. i.e. the body is passed to special stand where robot touches the control point of body with its test pick and takes the measurements, after that it generates data.

According to processed data engineer makes recommendations for repair, reconfiguration and adjustment of conductors.

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